HeadSpin also re-uses existing scripts based on test frameworks that are familiar to you. HeadSpin seamlessly supports native Appium and Selenium, and WebDriver that acts as a bridge with additional frameworks such as Espresso, UI Automator, XCTest, etc. With HeadSpin’s unique global device infrastructure, you can test and debug mobile and web applications for thousands of devices across the world connected to carrier networks. Its specialized location testing in different time zones makes it a preferable Sauce Labs alternative. Mobile applications, however, are not simply interacted with using a single gesture. Simple actions such as pinching and zooming require two fingers, and more complex interactions may take even more.

sauce labs mobile testing

SauceLabs provides comprehensive mobile app testing using real devices, emulators and simulators. With thousands of real devices for Android and iOS, Sauce Labs supports test automation with popular automation frameworks such as Appium, Espresso and XCUITest. In addition, teams can automate native, hybrid and mobile web apps for complete coverage. Sauce Labs provides comprehensive mobile app testing using real devices, emulators and simulators. Sauce Labs is the platform developers trust to help them deliver better software, faster. The Sauce Labs Continuous Testing cloud helps teams accelerate CI/CD without compromising quality.

Build the most comprehensive mobile app testing strategy, from development to production

Testmo’s powerful CLI tool makes it easy to submit your test results in minutes – any CI platform, test runner and language supported. Then identify issues and optimize your test suites to improve performance and fix flaky & failing tests. BrowserStack is a sauce labs alternative application that allow you to test apps and browsers with ease. It provides https://globalcloudteam.com/ you a seamless experience by testing more than 2000 real browsers and devices. Sauce Labs offer cloud-based cross-browser and mobile device testing. However, ex-Sauce Labs users often mention that the cloud provider has focused heavily on the cross-browser and desktop-web side of the house, neglecting the mobile testing portion of the offering.

In addition to Cloud deployments, Kobiton also offers extra-sensitive fully on-premises deployments for teams who need it. Mobile application testing is the process of testing mobile apps to ensure that mobile apps work as they should on any device or browser. Mobile testing can be done manually on real devices and emulators/simulators or with automation.

CircleCI automatically runs all your tests, against whatever browsers you choose, every time you commit code. You can configure your browser-based tests to run whenever a change is made, before every deployment, or on a certain branch. A Continuous Integration and Delivery workflow with CircleCI and Sauce Labs ensures that browser-specific bugs affecting critical functionality in your app never make it to production. Again, what’s going on here is that we are finding two elements and describing a drag and drop action in relation to them. The wait function takes a time in milliseconds, which will be the minimum amount of time after the previous action that the subsequent action is performed.

sauce labs mobile testing

You can set up a comprehensive testing environment with support for proxies, firewalls, and Active Directory. Drastically reduce your build times by performing tests in parallel thereby speeding up your goto market launch. With LambdaTest users can perform Live and Automation testing on 2000+ browsers & OS. Here is a curated list of Top applications that are capable of replacing Sauce Labs. All the methods that deal with position (i.e., tap, press, long_press, and move_to) can take an element as their point of action. At the same time as the element, a point can be passed in, in the form of x and y.

Powered by our DirectTest technology, Kobiton enables low-latency testing and 30FPS video streaming during your manual tests. Run high volumes of real device tests with low error rates and continuous availability. Metadata mapping makes test building fast, easy and without the maintenance overhead. Appium, Selenium, or JS based Native frameworks like Cypress, Playwright, and others can be used to test PWAs. The JS based Native frameworks allow users to test PWAs on a desktop web browser.

Mobile Application Testing Tools

They offer amazing 24×7 technical support to help you get started and resolve your queries. The “size” command returns the size of the element on the screen, measured in pixels. The “location” command returns the current location of the element on the screen, measured in pixels. If multiple elements are found by these commands, only the first is returned. For finding multiple elements a pluralized version of each command exists. Here we set up our dependencies, notably the Appium client library and the Minitest test framework for Ruby (we could use any test framework or none; Minitest is a nice, compact one).

Get started in a flash by using your preferred test automation framework and CI/CD platforms with any Sauce Labs mobile testing tools. Increase testing efficiency and mobile developer velocity while centralizing visibility across all QA workflows. Learn about choosing the right mobile test automation framework with this comprehensive guide. Optimize your beta testing processes and streamlining Android and iOS app distribution with an all-in-one and highly-secure platform. Iterate and release higher quality apps faster, with real-time video sessions, intuitive in-app bug reports, and more. Sauce Labs provides a huge variety of browsers and operating systems.

You can use our device cloud for easy local access or deploy the HeadSpin Appliance on-premise or hosted by 3rd parties for security and other special use-cases. Organizations committed to their mobile application quality efforts are faced with making an important choice regarding where to run their mobile tests. The default for development teams in large enterprises is to use real mobile devices. While this gives them more accurate test results, it is not ideal for scaling and automation of testing. Real device testing is the practice of installing the latest build of a mobile app on a real mobile device to test the app’s functionality, interactions, and integrations in real-world conditions.


All Add to cart-buttons have a drag handle which you can use to drag the items into the cart. When you press the handle and start dragging it a drop zone will appear. When you release the swag item into the drop zone the swag item will be added to the cart.

Progressive web apps are traditional web applications that are enhanced with modern web technologies, allowing them to provide a more app-like experience. In 2015, the company was named by the San Francisco Business Times as one of the top 100 fastest growing private companies in the Bay Area for a second consecutive year, reporting 3-year revenue growth of 472%. In 2015, Sauce Labs secured an additional $15 million in Series D expansion funding from investor Toba Capital. Trace and profile your Selenium test suites to identify trends and regressions in your execution performance to optimize your Selenium tests. Group your test suites into sources to easily trace your Sauce Labs frontend tests, backend tests, mobile test suites and API checks. It allows you to create complex automated test scripts without writing any code.

  • The market offers a plethora of frameworks to choose from, and the decision isn’t always easy.
  • A real device cloud can integrate with popular mobile testing frameworks like Appium, Espresso, and XCUITest.
  • Even with this lack of flexibility, Sauce Labs still comes in at one of the most expensive options for real devices access if you are looking for dedicated cloud devices.
  • Here, we will show you some features that HeadSpin offers, making it a great Sauce Labs alternative.
  • They offer amazing 24×7 technical support to help you get started and resolve your queries.
  • With thousands of real devices for Android and iOS, Sauce Labs supports test automation with popular automation frameworks such as Appium, Espresso and XCUITest.

Remediate for Functional, Visual, and Performance issues without the need to dig through screenshots and logs. Build a mix-and-match Cloud offering between different deployment types. Take devices that you already own locally, hook them up to a Mac product, and, boom, they are in the Cloud and available to those within your org. A “first come, first serve” public cloud offering that is secured by in-depth clean-up policies and SOC2 and SOC3 compliance. Back on the Browser Provider details screen, click OKagain to complete adding the new Browser Provider.

Hardware device testing

Note that you can also run existing test cases by amending the Salesforce Applicationon the Connect step to reflect the mobile application where your Sauce Labs app settings are stored. A real device is the actual hardware (plus OS and built-in support resources) on which your software will run in production. For specialized industrial, scientific, or medical monitoring software, it’s the actual monitoring device. A mobile emulator, as the term suggests, emulates the device software and hardware on a desktop PC, or as part of a cloud testing platform. It is a complete re-implementation of the mobile software written in a machine level assembly language.

sauce labs mobile testing

Sauce Labs offers very light-weight test session exploration and reporting. With Sauce Labs, your test session data is only kept on the platform for 30 days unless you use a special API to download you session history anytime after that 30 day window. Sauce Labs also doesn’t offer video footage of mobile test sessions, and only offers captured video footage of your desktop-web tests. These are web apps that use emerging web browser APIs and features along with traditional progressive enhancement strategy to bring a native app-like user experience to cross-platform web applications. Progressive Web Apps are a useful design pattern, though they aren’t a formalized standard. Mobile testing continues to grow as mobile devices become more important in our every day lives.

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Testers that use HeadSpin’s performance testing on Android and iOS devices have gained excellent connectivity throughout their testing, making the process smooth and easy. One aspect of mobile devices that needs to be automated in order to fully test applications, whether native, hybrid, or web, is utilizing gestures to interact with elements. In Appium this is done through the Touch Action and Multi Touch APIs. These two APIs come from an early draft of the WebDriver W3C Specification, and are an attempt to atomize the individual actions that make up complex actions. That is to say, it provides the building blocks for any particular gesture that might be of interest.

Mobile App Testing

Once we’ve got a session, we can continue to use library methods on the driver object to act out our test steps. Appium is built around a client/server architecture, which means Appium automation sessions are really HTTP conversations . Appium has a number of clients already written, for Ruby, Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, PHP, Objective-C, and even Perl. TestGrid helped us accelerate our remote first approach and helped our teams work from anywhere globally.

Sometimes called “non-functional” testing, attribute testing explores qualities of the software outside of pure functionality. Get a secure cloud platform, protect your sensitive data, and leverage that extra layer of security with the Sauce sauce labs mobile testing Connect Proxy™. “Working with Sauce Labs proved to be very satisfying. Not only the team helped us to find a great testing solution that would meet our requirements, but also worked closely with us to accelerate our agile testing processes.”


HeadSpin measures the holistic, subjective quality of videos rated by users without depending on other metrics for the results. It offers reference-free video Mean Opinion Score that gives an accurately scalable algorithm for overcoming video quality challenges. Test with seamless integration into CI/CD workflows enabling functional testing and functional performance analysis pre and post release with HeadSpin. This sauce labs alternative software allows you to verify your bug fixes when it is successful.

Because Appium is built with a client/server architecture, it doesn’t matter whether an Appium server is hosted on the same machine as the tests. We’ll be running our tests (i.e., using the Appium clients) locally, but the Appium servers will be in the Sauce Labs cloud. Of course, Sauce provides a large number of optional desired capabilities that help tweak the behavior of your Sauce sessions. Sauce also provides ways to pre-upload your app to our cloud, or to ensure that web requests are directed through a secure tunnel to your own infrastructure. Those topics are outside the scope of this guide, but can be explored at your own leisure at the Sauce Labs docs.

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