To exist, ladies had to deal with the facts

“We must recognize you to facts dictates its own legislation, that laws and regulations can be more than vicious. An Armenian girl, retaining the girl antique part regarding “guardian of your own fireplace”, is additionally modifying. She is much more educated, more worry about-confident and you may stronger. Possibly the woman is compelled to deal with not simply the new part regarding a protector, but furthermore the positions away from guardian and you can creator of your fireplace. Examples are numerous, and you may disregarding him or her was stupid and you may ridiculous. But all of this happens outside of the label out-of independence and you will feminism, but under the challenges out of facts. Needless to say, in the future this can resulted in emergence out-of a different sort of generation of women who happen to be convinced and you can care about-depending. Recently our very own men are broken. I’m brave sufficient to admit which. The fresh age group of one’s fathers and you can grandfathers with true male attitudes, is regrettably, a last.”

  • Feminists are agencies from international places whose point will be to destroy the Armenian society, which is according to “natural” and you will “moral” gender division out of spots.This myth is actually close by Robinson’s see. Yet not, while you are Robinson considered that feminists had came up so you’re able to destroy the newest capitalist traditions, the fresh Armenian anti-feminists blame feminists for being United states agents just who give “American” and “European” lifestyles, combat and you may aim in the destroying the “actual, pure Armenian technique for are.”

Hence should not be charged into the “underground ebony forces that need so you’re able to wreck the nation,” but our selves, and you may most importantly, the fresh males

Throughout the an attention classification interview, an associate expected the fresh new moderator: “Exactly what, you prefer the new Western truth for people?” Whenever expected the way it was in The usa, and you may that which was “bad and hazardous,” no clear address is received.

“Toward of several hours i have talked about the latest fascination of our nation by the international cultures, and of a lot symptoms on the interest. This time around, but not, I want to discuss one of the biggest harms away from 21 st millennium, which is, feminism.”

“An Armenian feminists. So it expression by itself songs strange so you’re able to ears. It appears absurd as well as ridiculous. The brand new concepts away from “feminism” and you will “an Armenian Lady” don’t go with the fresh thinking out-of a keen “average Armenian kid”.”

At that time, an appealing inclination are seen from inside the analysis. During the mass media and websites courses, plus when you look at the attract classification interview, much of those offered feminism since “evil” highlight they are maybe not up against equivalence between visitors, but are against feminism. Frankly, the term “feminism” is observed is a risky technology, because it’s a foreign, and never a nationwide technology.

The latest considerations of feminism because overseas, non-Armenian and you can dangerous was closely about brand new anti-West temper and therefore are vividly indicated to your growth of pro-Russian feeling. It should be noted that the misconception out-of “feminists as the international representatives” is actually complete conformity towards the prevailing feelings from inside the Russian people.

His pamphlet entitled “Trap away from Fame” (Vorogayt Parats) blogged when you look at the 1773 and you can considered the initial Armenian Constitution, demonstrably reflects this new non-discriminatory Durham escort reviews, feminist and tolerant ideas of the blogger in order to factors out-of equivalence anywhere between men and women

The brand new attribution out of feminism so you can “foreign root” is actually alarming as the however back to a dozen th 100 years Mkhitar Gosh reduced high attention to gender products within his Datastanagirk (The Password). He chatted about in detail intercourse conditions that were regarding providers off interactions ranging from people (primarily matrimony), including relationships arrangements so you can terms and you can consequences of split up. Almost every other thinkers accompanied Gosh, plus Shahamir Shahamirian. Predicated on Shahamirian, all people, whether or not women or men, Armenian or a non-native, should have equivalent liberties and you will found equal purchase really works, and additionally appreciate equivalent ideas toward by themselves.

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